Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Kunwar Sachdeva - Formulating Impressive Power Solutions
Kunwar Sachdeva
Kunwar Sachdeva is the leading industrialist of India, who is lighting up his country as well as several other countries with the products and services of his organization. He is the man who belonged to a humble family and started his career in business as a cable television distributor. During this work he came to know about the electrical conditions in our country and decided to do something to overcome with the frequent power cuts.
Today he is the owner of top most famous organization named Sukam. This is the enterprise which began around 14 years ago with a turnover of Rs 1 to 2 lakhs and now its turnover is not less than Rs 650 crores. This is the most trusted brand specially for inverters. He always believes in inventing new things with the use of advanced or latest technologies. With the help of modern techniques Kunwar Sachdeva brought in the pure sine wave technology which has made and making waves throughout the globe. The technology is environmentally friendly and also helps you to save costs. It grabs the solar energy and then convert it into power. His innovative thinking, knowledge and hard work is the reason behind the success of Sukam.

Kunwar Sachdeva is also an effective leader who motivates, guides and let the employees of his organization very well. He gives very much importance to the subordinates and colleagues of his organizations.Due to his sheer efforts, the scam has become a global brand now and is soon going to build sales and service stations in various parts of the world. He is making some interesting and great plans for completely modernizing and re-invent the effective power saving solution devices in India.

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  1. Once Mr. Kunwar Sachdeva came to my tv journalism institute delhi and gave a wonderful and motivational speech to the students. It is an honor to have such a leading industrialist who is at the top now on his own.